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Quality is paramount at Icon:

We believe that quality is a result of knowledge, discipline, technology and commitment. We are committed to providing the resources necessary to ensure your project receives the appropriate attention and support necessary in every stage of the cycle from concept to post-production support.
-Danny Kleitsch


Programmable Vision System

Our 3 axis fully programmable vision system allows us to write inspection programs for automated dimensional inspection. With the use of features such as Dynamic Edge Scan, we get consistent, inspection results that are free of human error.
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Coordinate Measuring Machine

With the use of our Coordinate Measuring Machine, we get solid dimensional inspection results of the tooling while we are building our molds so we don’t have any surprises when we sample these new tools.
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Advanced Quality Planning

ICON uses many statistical tools to predict defects BEFORE they are produced. Although we use many more, here is a short list of the common tools in our arsenal:

Gage R&R
Capability Studies
First Article
X Bar & R Charting
Pareto Charting
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I.Q. O.Q. P.Q.

If your program requires qualification and validation we can do that too! Our Scientific Molding principles is an excellent foundation for documenting the steps used to ensure the tooling, processing and inspection techniques are capable, consistent and well qualified.
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