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Introduction to ICONGINEERING:

While many custom injection molding and mold making companies believe that the industry contains a little “Black Magic”, we approach every opportunity from a position of knowledge. At ICON, we know its’ all science and that’s why we base every decision on data not beliefs.


Part Design & Development

We prefer to be involved in a new project at the earliest stage possible. The earlier we are involved, the more time and money we can save you.
We fully understand that knowing our customers’ goals and expectations before hand is best but not always reality. So wherever you are in your project we can help get your product to market.
We use and are fully trained on the latest CAD software available.
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Mold Flow Analysis

The use of technical tools such as “Mold Flow” analysis predicts how the mold, material and process will interact BEFORE we ever cut steel saving time, money and frustration for everyone.
With our Mold Flow software we can simulate gate location, fill times, melt front, and weld lines, air traps, and temperature and pressure distributions, shear rates and constraints, clamping forces and much more.
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Mold Making

Whether you need a quick turn proto-type mold or class 101 tooling to support millions of parts, we can handle it. We have a complete in-house mold making capabilities as well as strategic domestic and international partnerships.
When you use one company to design, build and run your tooling, there’s no excuse’s of – “that’s a tooling problem” or “that’s a molding problem”
Let our track record speak for itself!
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Coming Soon: ICON Toolbox

supportDownload common Engineering guidelines here.

Full Turn Key Systems

Do you have a production facility in your corporate portfolio, but need help putting turn-key cells on your floor. We can help with that too! We will design the part, design and build the tooling, develop the process and do all of the qualification documents so you can hit the ground running.
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